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Melbet Affiliate Program: Your Prime Choice

Exploring Melbet Partners: A Comprehensive Review

Launched in 2012, Melbet has emerged as a frontrunner in the online sports betting and casino market. This platform has earned the trust of millions of users with its vast array of services, including a sportsbook and an online casino. Licensed in Curaçao and holding local licenses in various countries, Melbet assures reliability and legality in its operations, a key to their success. The traffic statistics of their websites reflect high popularity and demand, reinforcing their status as an industry leader.

Melbet’s main website,, along with its local variants like .ng, .ke, and, offers a user-friendly and accessible way for engaging in gaming activities. Furthermore, Melbet has catered to the needs of mobile users by developing apps for both Android and iOS. This enables players to enjoy gaming anytime and anywhere, further broadening the platform’s reach and accessibility. Melbet Partners presents an attractive opportunity for those seeking a dependable partnership in the realm of online sports betting and gambling.

Keys to Successful Online Earning Through an Affiliate Program

Earning through affiliate programs requires a correct approach and understanding of key steps. Starting with registering in the Melbet affiliate program, it’s important to follow several fundamental stages to ensure successful collaboration and optimize your earnings.

Find Your Manager

Firstly, after Melbet affiliate registration and email confirmation, make sure you have received a welcome letter from your manager. If there’s no letter, check your spam folder – it might be there.

Create Your Own Link

Log into your Melbet affiliate  account and in the “Affiliate Links” section, generate your unique link. This is your key tool in attracting clients. After creating it, send the link to your manager for verification.

Obtain a Unique Promo Code

Request a unique personal promo code from your manager. It should be short, memorable, and combine English letters and numbers. Promo codes increase the attractiveness of your offers to potential clients.

Use Promotional Materials

Ask your manager to prepare banners for social networks with your promo code. You can choose templates from the offered folder in Google Docs, and then a designer will adapt them to your promo code.

Request a Demo Account

A demo account allows you to create content for various platforms without financial risks. Check with your manager about the possibility of obtaining a demo account.

Connect Payments

To start working with payments, create a player account and activate it. Then, enable two-factor authentication and inform your account ID to the manager or support service.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage your online earnings in the affiliate program and use all available resources to increase your income.

Opportunities for Collaboration with Melbet Partners

Melbet Partners offers diverse and flexible partnership models, catering to various needs and strategies of partners. These models include RevShare, CPA, hybrid and fixed schemes, as well as earning opportunities through a referral program.

  • RevShare (Revenue Share)

In the RevShare model, partners earn a percentage of the amount spent by users they have referred. This percentage starts at 20% and applies for the entire duration that the client remains active with the company. This means a continuous source of income from each referred client as long as they actively use Melbet’s services.

  • CPA (Cost Per Action)

Under the CPA scheme, partners receive a fixed amount for each qualified client they attract. The amount can reach up to 7,000 rubles per client, making this model appealing for those capable of attracting a large number of new users.

  • Hybrid and Fixed Models

Hybrid and fixed models offer unique terms of cooperation, combining elements of RevShare and CPA or providing a predetermined amount for meeting specific conditions. These options are ideal for partners seeking a tailored approach and specific cooperation terms.

  • Sub-Referral Program

The sub-partner program allows earning by attracting new webmasters to the Melbet affiliate program. Partners earn up to 5% of the net revenue of their sub-partners, creating an additional passive income and encouraging network expansion.
Each of these models presents unique opportunities for earnings and development within the Melbet affiliate. With flexibility and a variety of offerings, partners can choose the most suitable option for themselves, maximizing their income and expanding their market presence.

Analysis of Offers: An Overview of Melbet Partners’ Deals

Melbet Partners offers its participants a plethora of tools and opportunities for effective partnership. This program is focused on providing comfort and maximizing the efficiency of its partners’ activities, making it attractive for various user categories.

Personal Account and Dedicated ManagerEach Melbet affiliate member gains access to a personal account where they can manage their activities and track results. The presence of a dedicated manager smoothens the account management process and enhances efficiency, ensuring support in all queries.
Personal Promo Code and LinkMelbet Partners provides each participant with a personal promo code, enhancing the attractiveness of offers to potential clients. Moreover, a personal link with the ability to track various traffic sources gives partners a deep understanding of the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.
Player Demo AccountUpon agreement with the manager, participants may be granted a player demo Melbet affiliate account. This allows for content creation and conducting various promotions without financial risks.
Support and Banners24/7 support on any issues related to the affiliate program ensures confidence and convenience for partners. Provided banners with a personal promo code can be utilized across various communication channels, augmenting visibility and appeal of offers.
PayoutsA crucial aspect of collaboration with Melbet Partners is regular payouts, made every Tuesday for the previous week. This ensures a convenient and transparent financial flow for partners, allowing them to plan their activities and budget.

Overall, Melbet Partners offers advantageous collaboration terms, extensive tools for promotion, and a convenient reward system, making it one of the leading affiliate programs in the online betting and casino sector.

Managing Finances in Melbet Partners: How to Quickly Withdraw Funds

To withdraw funds in the Melbet affiliate program, initially, it is necessary to create and activate a player account, and then link it to the affiliate program through a manager or support service. A mandatory requirement is the activation of two-factor authentication for security purposes.

Commission is automatically transferred to the user’s account every Tuesday for the previous week, and from there it can be withdrawn using various methods, including Visa, cryptocurrencies, and electronic wallets, with a minimum withdrawal amount of 1,500 rubles. Alternatively, Neteller, Skrill, or Bitcoin can be used, especially if the account currency is set to dollars. If the minimum sum of $30 is not accumulated in a week, the funds and payments are carried over to the next week.

Numbers: The Statistics of Success in MelBet Affiliate 

The Melbet Partners program stands out with its detailed and prompt reporting system, a key factor in its participants’ success.

The program offers comprehensive reports on a range of important parameters, including promotional materials and detailed information about players, allowing partners to better understand their audience and the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

The system’s 30-minute data update interval enables partners to quickly respond to changes, ensuring timely analysis and strategic decision-making. The Melbet affiliate provides access to the following types of reports:

  • Brief Summary Report

An easily accessible summary report through the personal account provides 21 indicators, simplifying the monitoring of key metrics.

  • Full Report

The ability to export full reports across all sources broadens the horizons of analysis and planning.

  • Promotional Materials Report

Reports specialized for banner advertising include all the necessary information to assess the effectiveness of advertising efforts.

  • Player Report

Multi-faceted reports on players, covering new and non-deposit players, provide a complete picture of user engagement and activity.

Melbet Partners demonstrates that success in affiliate programs can be measured and optimized thanks to thorough analytics and prompt access to data.

What Clients Say About Melbet Partners

Customer feedback on the Melbet Partners affiliate program is predominantly positive. Partners highly value the program for its competitive commission rates and the regularity of payments, emphasizing their stability on a weekly basis. Special appreciation is expressed for the responsive and prompt customer support, which helps to quickly resolve any arising issues. While some note problems with link blocking, they also point out that these issues are usually swiftly resolved after reaching out to support or their manager. Overall, according to Melbet Partners reviews, the Melbet affiliates are recognized as a reliable and profitable program for its partners.


In conclusion, the Melbet Partners program stands out as one of the leading affiliate programs in the online betting and casino industry, offering its partners unique opportunities for earnings and growth. According to customer reviews, the program is valued for its competitive terms, regular payments, and responsive support service. Despite some technical issues, such as link blocking, the prompt resolution of these matters highlights the Melbet affiliate program’s focus on convenience and efficiency for its partners. Overall, Melbet Partners reviews confirm that this affiliate program is a reliable and profitable choice for those seeking success in the world of online betting and casinos, thanks to its flexibility, support, and innovative approaches in marketing and promotion.


How Can You Monitor Your Earnings in the Melbet Affiliate Program?

To track income in the Melbet Partners program, it’s essential to focus on the statistics, where current earnings are displayed and finalized the next morning, typically between 4:30 and 5:00 UTC. Earned funds are automatically transferred to the account balance, and funds from the referral program are instantly credited to the personal account in the system.

Is There Support Available for Users in the Melbet Affiliates Program?

The Melbet Partners program includes a support service known for its promptness and readiness to assist in resolving any issues.

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